Standing Arrangement Service

Primarily through word-of-mouth our Standing Arrangement Service (SAS) has become a thing. Our clients range from businesses to homeowners with weekly deliveries, as well as twice monthly and monthly.

SAS accounts utilize a recurring vase program whereby we assign a selection of vases, specific to each client. These vases are recycled for each arrangement, This keeps the SAS price point primarily in the fresh flowers and foliage.

We can establish a recipe that is followed from arrangement to arrangement. We can establish a color palette guideline or a monochromatic design aesthetic. Tie-in to your existing decor or be that pop of color in a space.

SAS arrangements start at $50.00 and go up in $25.00 increments; $50, $75, $100, $125., $150...

SAS delivery prices are $5.00 for zip code 45069 & 45011 and $10.00 for all other areas.

SAS orders are available for delivery weekly, bi-monthly and monthly.

SAS accounts do not require contracts. We do require 1 week notice to cancel or suspend an existing Standing Arrangement Service delivery.

Let us help you bring the stunning beauty of fresh flowers into your life.

Some may call it a luxury. We call it happiness.  513 . 602 . 9612
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