Send Flowers - Spread Joy


We love weddings.


Every wedding is a unique experience. A story of two people finding each other and celebrating love.

Just as every wedding is a unique experience so are budgets, tastes and styles. Obviously there are many factors that effect the bottom line of the wedding flower budget and as no two weddings are the same it is difficult to offer prices on a website for reference. We consider ourselves a moderately priced floral studio but it really boils down to the type and quantity of blooms chosen that drives the final price.

Our inspirational gallery does contain images with flower & green details as well as price. Said prices are limited reference only.

Consultations are free. We strive to meet at a location convenient to you but in the event that we are in the midst of a crazy wedding week consultations will need to be close to our West Chester home base.


If your wedding is further out than 12 months we suggest a cursory "save the date" first meeting. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book your date and we discuss preliminary budget, flowers and style. 48 hours after this meeting you receive a detailed budget breakdown with all discussed items listed.


As your date draws closer (5 months out) we have a more "in-depth" meeting if needed. At this point a 50% down payment is due and a contract for our services is signed.


You can makes changes to the budget until we hit the 5 weeks out date, at which time your final payment in full is due and we etched it all in stone.


We are available for as many face-to-face meetings as you feel necessary. We really are all about making sure you feel comfortable with us. You're only going to do this once and your wedding is uniquely yours.

If it just so happens that your date is 3 months away and you are just starting to plan, fear not. We can roll with a tight time frame too. It only means you have to be prepared to make decisions and deposits. You haven't missed any special flower boat. If the flowers you want are available - we will get them.

Wedding Florals:

    Bridal bouquets

    Attendants bouquets




    Altar pieces

    Aisle markers

    Accent pieces

    Floral crowns

    Gazebo/Arch decor

CC and Company Floral Design Studio